Is The Past Stopping Life Today?

Discover how 1 to 1 therapy can help...

The experiences we have in the past can have many repercussions on our lives today and in the future. 
They create low self esteem, a lack of confidence and the imposter syndrome.

Which then affects our inner peace, relationships, career, physical health and many other things…how is it affecting you? 

What do you really want?


Millions of people hold themselves back in life and never really ‘live’ to their fullest potential. The inner critic they learned in the past defeats them daily…will it defeat you?

When our lives are unbalanced, sometimes all we can think of is what we don’t want – but…the mind is a creator of thoughts…what we focus our thoughts upon is what we create. Which is why so many people remain stuck.

"Trying to stop the negative though...sometimes it feels like walking round a room looking for the door"

A quote from a student at the start of a course

Unfortunately it can feel like a minefield when working on the mind and the emotions. Where do I start and which is the best direction? 
There can be lots of conflicting information so sometimes its hard to know which way is best for you as an individual. 

In the particular style of training and therapy offered through this site…the main thing is logic and structure! 
You will always be able to see the map and find where you are at.


Anxiety is an imagined negative pre-projection of the future...and it ruins millions of lives every day. The constant replay of self doubt and things that could go wrong...can often leave people with a feeling that there is no escape.
Do anxiety and stress affect your life? If yes, in what way?


How often do you have that gut feeling to go for a new job, get in shape or just even to speak up...but you don't! The self doubt creeps in and you choose to hold back watching bit by bit as the frustration builds up.
Are you living the life that you want by taking the action you want?


Do you 'vibe with your tribe' you attract the people you want to be around? This is in all areas, your romantic relationships, friends, work colleagues, family or just people you meet daily.
Can you connect to the people or do you find there is a constant challenge?


Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to life or do you wake up with a flat feeling not really wanting to get out of bed? If you mind is not sure on direction it WILL procrastinate!!
What could you achieve if you had that true focus and direction on the things you want in life?

"I found all the strategies and techniques by going through them myself"

Hello, Paul Ryder here,

The truth is…your life is important and your time is the most precious commodity you have. You can never replace time, so ‘doing it tomorrow’ is not the best idea.

Although it may sound cliché, it is my true passion to share the techniques I have learned over the years. The reason being is that I have ‘walked this path!
In my younger years…I had to endure alcoholic parents, a violent father, suicidally depressed and bullied outside the home. These challenges crushed my self worth and confidence to the point where I gave up completely (hit rock bottom).
But I fought back and turned it all around using psychology and coming to terms with my trauma and low self esteem. Being whole is not a case of ‘thinking positive or reframing as we often get told.

You can have all you want as long as you are prepared to walk ‘your’ path of self discovery, of which I can walk with you offering guidance along the way. We are all at different stages in life and our own aims are unique to us.

I grew massively while working with Paul...

Paul is great to work with – he is very knowledgeable, filled with compassion, cares hugely about his clients, but most importantly he is not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear but very much need to hear.
Working with Paul will challenge you, and it will change you in ways that you didn’t know were possible.
I grew massively while working with Paul, I would highly recommend working with him

Kirstin Marshall

His ability to deliver results is outstanding...

I’ve had the chance to work closely with Paul Ryder and I can honestly say  his knowledge is exceptional, his ability to actually deliver amazing results for people in such little time are outstanding and if you’re struggling right now.. or if you have a ‘Next Level’ you’re reaching and striving for, Paul will sort you out.
Thanks Paul for all the wise words you’ve shared with me and the conversations we’ve had!

Ben Sweet

There is always a way...If you have the map.
Let me show you the map!

Yes the mind is complex, BUT it is mathematical and it has structure. However the mind speaks two separate languages (emotional and logical) 
The positive thinking type training only gets very short term results as it focuses on reframes. A reframe is like cutting the head off a weed…soon enough it will grow back. 

The style of training and therapy you will find here works on not only updating the deep inner workings of your mind…but also teaches you how your mind has created the map in the first place. Knowing the ‘how’ will put you in the drivers seat!

The Structure of The Map...


The two identities...

In life sometimes it can feel like we are ‘two’ people at the same time. We know we are good enough but also doubt ourselves. This is the false self and it was created from other people’s judgements of you fused in by stress. 

Here we will separate your false self from your true self and work to realign both selves to harmony through understanding!


See the deception...

When we have past trauma or challenging times, the anxiety can stay ‘stuck’ until resolved. However when it is ‘stuck’ it becomes emotionally toxic and projects onto life today.

This process is life changing, but requires delicate steps. Though rest assured this has been tested with thousands of clients with a phenomenal results.


Finding your feet...

If we truly want to succeed in what we want to achieve whether that is confidence, our career or our relationships, inner peace or letting go of the past. We need to use strategy.

Strategies such as how your mind puts the world together, beliefs that you have been taught and how to gain control.


Take back control...

Working together we will find exactly what you need and make a plan to move forward at your pace and in your personal way of learning. After all this is all about you and your life.

The only limitations are the ones that you allow your mind to create.

The options to create the life you want are limitless!

"Triple your motivation and focus by gaining pure clarity on your direction in life"

.In less than 20 minutes you can cut through the noise of your mind and gain clarity of direction! This technique will open up powerful motivation and confidence showing you “what you really want” in your heart and life!

What area would you like to improve?

Self Confidence?

What would you do in life if you had the level of confidence you always wanted?


Imagine being in a deep loving relationship with your best friend and confident. How would that feel for you?


Many people hold themselves back or stay in jobs they don't like. What have you wanted to explore but...didn't?

Physical health?

True physical health is essential for self expression. What kind of health would you want?

Social Confidence?

What would life feel like for you if you had the inner ability to connect with the people that fill you up?


Your level of finance is actually a mindset! Scarcity or abundance. Which level are you at the moment?

Inner Peace?

A busy mind is a noisy place! How would life feel if you could just sit back &relax in a peaceful mind?

Let Go of The Past?

The past may already have taken a lot from you. How would it feel to let the past be the past?

To Feel secure?

Anxiety is your mind trying to warn you. How would it feel if you knew you could handle challenges in life?


Helped me grow to a whole new level...

The first thing I would say about Paul is that he is very good at what he does! I approached the whole thing as a bit of an experiment.

A former Army officer who had changed career and was happily practising as a chiropractor and I undertook the course of coaching the result was amazing and helped me grow to a whole new level!

Jim Townhill


Ready to take on my goal and start living

After several mind opening coaching sessions with Paul I now realize my true potential is more than possible.

After working through my self-limiting beliefs I can whole-heartedly say I am ready to take on my goals and start living the life of my dreams by setting up the retreats abroad.

Tessa Smith

Frequently Asked Questions?

If there is anything that hasn’t been covered here…get in touch!

A: Structure is essential! At all stages through the work you and I do you will know where about you are. We will also have a very clear outcome of the outcomes.

So although it is not always easy to predict a time frame, you will have a plan of where you are at and what needs to be done to get there. 

The more time you invest in practice the quicker and more efficient you will become at mastering your mind. Though sometimes it is not about pushing as hard as possible but taking time to reflect.

Rest assured though my aim is to keep you completely informed at every step of the way and to work at my own utmost efficiency to get you what you want!

I work on a process of education and inner reflection. You will be guided and strengthened, I am not the kind of therapist to sit staring blankly at you asking you how you feel on a continual loop.

As mentioned we work together with education and inner reflection. The education will strengthen your mind to make facing anxieties easier and more efficient. 

Anxieties are negative pre-projections of the future which are trapped inside a deep part of your mind tricking you into thinking they are real today…but often they are ghosts of the past. 

When facing these anxieties, sometimes it can bring up emotional discomfort, but I am with you every step of the way, walking in to a cave with you and supporting you until the anxiety vanishes and you come back out. 

Any pain you go through…I will be by your side guiding you on how to move beyond it. 

The reason that some styles of therapy have a reputation for it being immensely painful where it is just a full session of tears and sorrow is because in that setting, the person is expected to resold all their own pain. This is inefficient! If pain comes up, we work together to get through it smoothly and efficiently allowing you to embrace the lesson and become stronger in your future. 

Given that I have been through this entire process myself and know fully how it can feel from taking that first step, trusting somebody and maybe not fully knowing how it will unfold…again my word to you is that I will be there with you every step of the way! 

Your trust in me is something that I hold as one of the greatest gifts that anybody can ever offer and I will respect that in every way. 

Our work will have many options that you can tap into as you choose. So if you find yourself feeling stuck it is important we discuss it. 

A key for a lock
You are unique and that is how I see you. It is for me to understand your unique way of seeing the world and then to offer you techniques and strategies based on your way of seeing the world…not some off the shelf technique.

So again if you feel stuck, we test and try different techniques until we find the one which is most effective for you and your style. 

Although positive thinking has its place, this is definitely what we rely upon to get you results. 

We will be looking at the deep inner workings of your mind and letting go of any blockages that are causing you anxieties which hold you back. 

The one to one sessions are a full on education system based on my own 30 years of research and working through my own trauma from childhood. 

The sessions are about getting results permanently, not just positive thinking to cover up self doubt or insecurity. 

The complimentary session is an opportunity for you and I to speak and gain rapport. During this time we will be going through a series of questions to discover what it is that you want to achieve in the future. However the session is not to provide solutions to the situation you may be facing. 

The session has a set structure and at the end I will provide you with a structure that to the best of my knowledge will support you in future sessions. If this feels what you are looking for then we will continue future sessions.

Remember...tough times can be things of the past!

I am feeling stuck...

When the mind is in conflict with itself, it can often feel like life is going in circles. In may well be doing. Conflicting thoughts is like your mind trying to walk left and right at the same time.


To move forward in life you need to take action, but what about when action feels exhausting? This is your mind trying to hold you back as it is confused whether your anxiety is real or not. So it protects you!


In life we will meet a whole range of people and some of those people can be abusive. But why do we meet them? We actually attract people that match the beliefs we have about the world.

Can't connect...

Connecting to other people can be hard for many, especially if we have been hurt in the past and it is the past that creates anxiety. If you notice the same patterns happening again...your past is unresolved!

Imposter syndrome...

Imposter syndrome is where we are afraid of "getting caught out" it destroys millions of lives each day. It is a splitting of the self of who we think we are (self doubt) and who we really are!

Letting go of the past...

An unresolved past can ruin life in the future. The mind will continually replay memories if it is trying to heal. This can become overwhelming for today as we become unsure which reality is which!

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