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Please find below some of the most requested questions people ask…
If you have any questions which are not covered, please add them to the form. 

The complimentary session lasts a duration time of 30 minutes. 

It is recommended to take a few minutes before the start of the call to review any areas you would like to cover. 

There is only one complimentary session allocated per person.

Cancellations or re arrangements require 48 hours notice. 

If this is the first time talking to somebody or there is a lot going on, the emotional mind can often try and dominate the thoughts. 

It is recommended to write everything out and have it with you during the session so all questions are covered.

It is also recommended to sit for a few minutes and calm the mind and body to allow greater focus during the session. 

The complimentary session is an opportunity for you and I to speak and gain rapport and go through a plan of how future sessions can help you reach the aim you want.

NOTE: The session is not to provide solutions to current challenging situations, it is purely to create a plan for future sessions.

The session is in the following structure.

Part 1: (5 minutes)
This is a chance for you and I to introduce ourselves and gain a rapport. 

Part 2: (10 minutes)
Here we will be going through the information you have shared on the confidential form to allow you to share and myself to get a greater understand and perspective of your current situation. 

Part 3: (10 minutes)
Here I will explain about how the future sessions will work. The techniques, education and strategies which will be used. 

Part 4: (5 minutes)
The last part of the session is to find if my style of therapy (and myself) is what you are looking for. If it is, the n it is to book a future session at a time allowing.  

The current pricing structure is as follows. Payment is to be made before the start of the session or session block. 

Single 60 Minute Session £75

Single 90 Minute Session £100

5 x 60 Minute Course £350
(5 week expiry)

5 x 90 Minute Course £475
(5 week expiry)

10 x 60 Minute Course £650
(10 week expiry)

10 x 90 Minute Course £900 (10 week expiry)

I've had the chance to work closely with Paul and I can honestly say his knowledge is exceptional, his ability to actually deliver amazing results for people in such little time are outstanding and if you're struggling right now.. or if you have a 'Next Level' you're reaching and striving for, Paul will sort you out.
Ben Sweet
Sales & Marketing

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