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We are often told that to have a successful life…we need to pick a goal and ‘go for it’ however this rarely works because there is much more to this equation.  Here we cover the science of fulfilment! 

"I just can't seem to stay focused...I procrastinate! Maybe it's that I am just lazy??"

"It's frustrating watching other people enjoy their lives when I just seem to struggle"

"I have many things I want to do in life, do I just settle for what is given to me?"

Do you ever feel like you are watching life go by?

Very rarely are people ever taught how to achieve what they consider success. They are often told to pick a goal and to go for it but as we all know, rarely does that approach work.

How many times have you set a goal or aim but not achieved it?

How many times have you felt anxiety take over your mind but not know why?

Have you any regrets about things that you wanted but not achieved?

Do you ever feel other people are moving on and you not?

Have you tried many techniques’ but they never seem to get results? 


The reasons why so few ever reach their goals...

Climbing up the wrong ladder won’t get you to the right place…no matter how fast you climb


A huge percentage of goals and aims are actually driven by fear and anxiety which polarises the mind into total confusion and procrastination.

The action taker within the mind needs extremely specific aims. The conscious mind may know what it means...but does the sub-conscious?

Knowing the goal, aim or outcome is only part of the equation. It is vital to understand the anxieties of future projections. Ignore these and failure is certain.

Success requires continual adaption to account for the many outside influences. Each challenge that arises can deplete motivation if not navigated efficiently

The mind often seeks comfort and this can become a huge challenge to permanent and lasting change. Discover how to make change a 'fun thing' to do.

Make the complexities of setting and achieving goals a thing of the past with a full step by step guide!

The key to success is doing what feels counterintuitive

Hi, Paul here…

During my 15 years as a personal trainer, I noticed something very profound. Every day people would join and make great claims, but very few would ever reach their goal. 

Many of these people were highly intelligent and successful in other areas…so why not this one? 

I realised that there is a huge missing key to success and it isn’t just thinking positive. For every action, there is always an opposite  reaction and it is these ‘two’ polarities that have to be realised.

Success is not about pushing harder, but it is vital to also release the brakes. It is anxiety and self doubt that cripple action potential, but in order to work through it, it has to be seen. 

Thorugh this course we will take a deep look at how to push on the accelerator… but also how to release the brakes.

Paul is an inspirational, creative and highly skilled teacher who clearly knows his stuff. Paul's integrity and authenticity shone through and was key to the success of his approach. I'd highly recommend the courses and Paul to anyone.
Steve Rouse
Lead Learning Specialist



Tap into your deep inspiration by discovering exactly what it is that you want without any external distractions


Discover the 'user guide' to your own mind from how your mind creates anxiety to unlocking true confidence


Enjoy a new found confidence as you discover how to move beyond negative self doubt that attach to your goals and aims


Each person has their way of doing things. You are going to discover your own particular style which taps into your inner guidance


If there is no action there are no results. Though taking action needs to be exciting and rewarding, both of which you will cover


How do you deal with challenges? They are a necessary part of growth, here you will find how to see challenges as an adventure

Success doesn’t have to be complicated

1. What is your goal?

2. What are your anxieties?

3. How will you get from A to B

4. Take action

5. Deal with challenges



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MODULE 1 – Setting Goals, Aims & Outcomes

Your mind is a goal-seeking mechanism. The reason that most people do not achieve what they want is that their aims are vague. Here you will discover exactly what it is that you want from deep within and then find why it is so important to you.

MODULE 2- How your mind creates your world

Your mind is a mathemtical equation. No matter how irrational it may feel at times it is always working correctly. Here you will discover why your mind may hijack you or hold you back, but then how to use your insecurities as powerful leverage to help you reach success

MODULE 3 – How to remove the anxieties that hold you back

It takes two to tango and in emotional manipulation, this is very true. Here we merge modules 1&2 and discover why two people seem to mysteriously attract each other. Even if they don’t consciously want to there is very often a sub-conscious pattern at play.

MODULE 4 – Create a clear plan of action

To communicate with challenging behaviours will require energy and focus. However, at times the behaviour can aim to trip you up and cause anxiety and stress which is a disaster for energy. Here we will cover strategies to keep your boundaries strong and your mind clear.

MODULE 5 – Getting results by taking effective action 

To effectively communicate with challenging people, we need to be clear in our minds. Only then can the strategies we cover here be effective. It is literally talking a different language to each style. Learn the language and you will be heard and respected creating a win win.

MODULE 6 – How to navigate challenges and stay focused 

Emotionally manipulative behaviour in others can often leave its mark and can stay within the mind for many years to come, sometimes even decades. Here we will look at the most effective methods to let go of past trauma allowing the mind to have a peaceful future.

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clairty”

A selection of the things you will discover...

Discover how your mind unknowingly hijacks you by using old habits in its attempt to keep you safe from harm
– Module 2.5

Be guided through how to create your own action task and watch gripping anxiety turn into adventure
– Module 5.2

Learn the difference between actual success and the appearance of success based on what we are tricked into when younger
– Module 1.1

Discover the five main challenges that stop 95% of people from achieving their true potential and how to navigate them
– Module 6.2

Learn the exact question to ask yourself to tap into your inner guidance system and find what you really desire
– Module 1.3 

Discover the step by step guide to recognising your anxiety creating beliefs and how to use them to your advantage
– Module 3.3

Learn the one simple technique that can transform anxiety into confidence and how your anxieties can empower you
– Module 2.3

By using this one strategy you can easily boost your creativity and allow your mind to solve challenges in your sub-conscious
– Module 4.2

Make action fun...

Each and every day millions of people live with regret about the fact that they have things they want to achieve…but they gave up. It is not that people are lazy or procrastinators, it is that the mind will always move away from what it sees as a potential threat. 

In most cases there is something in their subconscious mind which is hijacking them from the action…in this course, we will not only set the intention…but release the brakes!


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The techniques in this course are applicable to all areas of life and therefore can help reach the aims you choose. 
Each area of your life will have its different needs and requirements and this course covers the how to guidance which can enable you to find that what you need to do in a step by step format 

It is highly advisable to follow through each module in sequence due to the fact that each module build upon the previous techniques. 

The stechniques in this course have been practiced by thousands of students world wide and although they are practical and can be applied immediately, it will also take time to build up your skills with practice. 
In essence you control how quickly you get results!

As you will find through this course…setting the goal is only part of the equation. 
Anxiety is a negative pre projection of the future and is the cause of 90% of failure when it comes to achievement. 

Therefore a great deal of this course is focused upon how to navigate around self doubt, anxiety and fear of failure.

All the course is designed with full HD video and is explained step by step with practical examples and suggested tasks to reflect upon each lesson

Your membership will include full access to a private members only forum. You can set up your profile with your name or completely anonymously and discuss topics with other members. 
The forum is a safe place and a great way to reflect thoughts with other members
There is a support ticket system, however this is only for issues regarding the membership itself such as logging in issues etc… If a member requires further training as an additional extra there are live Q&A’s at allotted times. 

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