How To Communicate With Challenging People

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It is more than possible to gain respect and get your point across when in challenging situations. The key to this is understanding the why and how of the other…discover that here!

"I nearly quit my job through stress, it just seemed like my voice wasn't heard"

"My marriage was just felt like I was speaking a different language"

""There was just that one person who managed to belittle me, it was horrible"

What situations are you currently experiencing that are taking ‘too much’ time from your day? What are those challenging situations with others that you want to resolve but not sure how?

How would it feel if you had the ‘How To’ of communicating with challenging behaviour that is projected onto you?

How would if feel if you had a full tool kit of dealing with every type of difficult situation with the people who always want to get the upper hand?

There is a 'hidden' side to challenging people that we need to see

Why trying to be nice and helpful actually makes the situation much worse


Learn powerful skills of self reflection to ensure that you are in the most efficient state of mind to communicate with all challenges

There are 4 main emotionally manipulative behaviours and you will see how to recognise each of their hide in plain site strategies

Did you know that emotionally manipulative people are very specific in who they target? Find out if your personality is in their sights

If somebody can get behind your defences they can drain your energy! Learn how to protect yourself and stay calm in the process

Each of the 4 manipulations requires very specific each of these and how to effectively create a win win

Difficult situation can take their toll in the form of stress or holding on to the past, learn how to let go and rebuild your energy!

Enjoy a relaxing home life…

Enjoy a productive work life…

Enjoy a fulfilling social life…

People are not controlling because it's personal...they are insecure

Hi, Paul here…

Although it would be great to start with the lets all be positive and all live happy…we all know life can be far from that! 

When people feel insecure, they seek to control situation and other people so they feel safe. It is not personal (though it can often feel that way) it is that they are trying to stay safe. 

However when we have to communicate with them, if we do not know how to set them at ease…their controlling behaviour will become increasingly complex.

I discovered these ‘styles’ over 25 years of research and tested them on myself and taught them to thousands of people with great results. 

It is extremely inspiring to hear people overcoming workplace bullying, domestic violence and low confidence in social situations and transforming it into self-expression through confidence as they create that ‘win-win’ with even the most challenging people.

Paul is an inspirational, creative and highly skilled teacher who clearly knows his stuff. Paul's integrity and authenticity shone through and was key to the success of his approach. I'd highly recommend the courses and Paul to anyone.
Steve Rouse
Lead Learning Specialist



In challenging situations it is easy to feel anxious and stress...with knowledge of how its all happening you will be able to stay present tense and focused no matter the situation.


Insecure people will often try to manipulate others in the hope they can gain control. Often these strategies are hidden in plain site, but now you will ba able see them all.


Emotional manipulations are designed to drain their target energy and can have a disarming effect. Discover how to keep your energy in tact and focused if another is aiming to take control.


The ideal of any communication is mutual respect. Be that person who is able to communicate with the most challenging person in the room and get your point across with respect.

Discover the 4 main emotional manipulative behaviours

  1. The Victim
  2. The I’m Too Busy
  3. The Fault Finder
  4. The Destroyer

These types of behaviours will often be used together and in rapid succession which causes confusion and disorientation


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MODULE 1 – All About You

It is easy to assume that it is all about the other person, but to communicate with manipulative behaviour it is essential to understand yourself. Here we will be looking at any potential anxieties or reactions that could be used against you in potential conflict.

MODULE 2- The 4 Main Emotional Manipulation Behaviours

Saying vague terms such as narcissist will tie a person in knots. Here we will look at very specific and individual styles of emotionally manipulative behaviour and exactly how they work. Each style works very differently and will look for very different vulnerabilities in their targets.

MODULE 3 – The Attractor Factor

It takes two to tango and in emotional manipulation, this is very true. Here we merge modules 1&2 and discover why two people seem to mysteriously attract each other. Even if they don’t consciously want to there is very often a sub-conscious pattern at play.

MODULE 4 – Protecting Your Energy

To communicate with challenging behaviours will require energy and focus. However, at times the behaviour can aim to trip you up and cause anxiety and stress which is a disaster for energy. Here we will cover strategies to keep your boundaries strong and your mind clear.

MODULE 5 – Communicating With The 4 Styles

To effectively communicate with challenging people, we need to be clear in our minds. Only then can the strategies we cover here be effective. It is literally talking a different language to each style. Learn the language and you will be heard and respected creating a win win.

MODULE 6 – Resolution & Healing

Emotionally manipulative behaviour in others can often leave its mark and can stay within the mind for many years to come, sometimes even decades. Here we will look at the most effective methods to let go of past trauma allowing the mind to have a peaceful future.

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clairty”

A small selection of the things you will discover...

Discover how behaviours are alternated and compounded to distract the other person’s attention
– Module 2.3 

How your past hidden anxieties traumas maybe being used against you without either side ever realising it is happening
– Module 6.2

Discover if there are people in your life who may have anxieties that trigger them to use emotionally manipulative behaviour
– Module 3.1

The powerful technique to discover if you are present or being hijacked by the past in conversation
– Module 1.1

The one question to ask to find if something in your behaviour is a target for people who want to take control
– Module 3.3 

How to recognise the true intentions behind other people’s actions and if they are threatening or helpful
– Module 4.1

How to let go of the past anxieties and trauma so that you can live in the future and enjoy the life you want with inner peace
– Module 6.3

How to stay grounded and fully conscious when communicating with even the most challenging of behaviours
– Module 5.1

Learn the language...

There are millions of people all over the world and all are coming from different experiences and life paths. The way one person will cope with a situation may be very different from another.

To be able to communicate, we must learn the different emotional languages that people speak so that the other realises that we understand them. This is the bridge to connection!


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The tern narcissism is refering to a person who has become overly consumed with their own ‘self’ and is doing so through low self esteem. However narcissism itself does not define any traits. It is an umbrella term. 
In this course you will discover the specific styles of emotionally manipulative behaviour that a person with toxic narcissism will project to attempt to reduce their anxiety and stress. 

There are a wide range of techniques covered in this training, however it is more a case of how grounded and focused you become in the communication. 

There are many techniques covered in the program on how to keep yourself in a calm state. These will take time to master first, however you are in control of that area. For some people it will feel easier than others. 

The more you practice the more efficient you will become. 

Although there is a lot of techniques covered in this program, it is also important to asses each situation carefully. 
If a situation is potentially dangerous or violent it is highly advisable to seek further support.
The course covers a wide range of areas, however certain situations may require intervention such as in the situation of domestic violence.  

All the course is designed with full HD video and is explained step by step with practical examples and suggested tasks to reflect upon each lesson

Your membership will include full access to a private members only forum. You can set up your profile with your name or completely anonymously and discuss topics with other members. 
The forum is a safe place and a great way to reflect thoughts with other members
There is a support ticket system, however this is only for issues regarding the membership itself such as logging in issues etc… If a member requires further training as an additional extra there are live Q&A’s at allotted times. 

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Become the person who knows how to get your point across and be heard and respected in even the most complex of social situation

How would it feel to be able to confidently navigate challenging situations that others dread or avoid through anxiety and confusion?


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