Get UP - Get GOING!

Start the day the way you mean to carry on!

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As we all know getting up early after a great nights sleep can be a fantastic way to start the day. We start the day feeling alive and fresh!

So why is that millions of people each and every day (all over the world) start the day by hitting the snooze button? Or just don’t want to get up and start the day with the ‘spring? Well… read on to find out why!

How do you start your day? 1,2 or 3?

So many people start their day in different ways, how do you start yours?

Person 1: Crawls out of bed feeling gloomy after being up all night on social media or watching TV till the early hours. They miss their breakfast and grab a coffee to force their brain to wake up!

Person 2: Gets out of bed at a reasonable time and listens to the news or read the daily paper of shock facts. They have a breakfast, but are now thinking about the news that they read and the horrific acts of violence around the world they just heard about!

Person 3: Gets out of bed feeling refreshed after having a great night’s sleep. They do some exercise, review their goals and aims for the day and year to come. Listen to personal development training programmes whilst eating a wholesome breakfast giving them the energy they need for the day!
Which way would you like to start your day?

Which person (1, 2 or 3) would you like to meet first thing in a morning… at work or passing in the street?
How we start our day can have a huge impact on how we act through the day. Very often a groggy start leads to a groggy day. Or at least it will take an hour or so to shake that groggy feeling…. Which is AN HOUR of your precious day!

Why do people struggle?

There can be many reasons people struggle to wake up fully in the morning without wanting to just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, however the main ones tend to be 

  •  Not getting enough sleep by staying up on the internet
  •  Going to sleep on an argument
  •  Going to sleep stressed or thinking about work
  •  Poor eating habits or eating late
  •  Stimulants or medication
  •  Poor energy regulation by lack of exercise
  •  They do not feel inspired by their life or the thought of going to work

5 tips for starting your day

1. When you wake GET UP!
Hitting the snooze button can be a big mistake and can mess around with the hormone balance for waking up.
When you snooze your body and mind, wake up, then go to sleep, then wake up, then go to sleep all in rapid succession and the result is… confusion! So when you wake GET UP!

2. Eat a healthy breakfast!
Breakfast (break-fast) is a vital meal of the day given that so many different processes have been changed in your body as you slept!
Eating a good clean and healthy breakfast will refresh the much needed energy to get you going first thing!

3. Exercise!
You don’t have to run a marathon when you wake up, but in relation to point number 1, light exercise first thing will tell your body and brain to circulate the blood. This will loosen you up giving you that boost of energy to open your mind and get you going!

4. Meditate!
Again, this doesn’t have to be where you climb to the top of a mountain and meditate for 5 hours on the meaning of life! 
A few minutes to focus the direction of your thoughts will be enough. This could be saying affirmations, focusing on those things that you are grateful for in life or simply focusing on your breath for a few minutes.

5. Avoid the news!
Very often the ‘news’ in the media will contain some form of violence or crime. When your mind is waking up it may still be is a sort of trance (known of alpha state). This is perfectly natural, but in this state your mind is very suggestible.

Hearing a story on terrorism or major crime could trigger a stream of thoughts in your mind, which then release adrenaline into your system which can give that tense or anxious feeling that can soon drain the energy and focus.

If you are not doing these already, start adding them into your routine as you wake up and start seeing how you feel after a few weeks!


Although many people say…’start the day with a spring in your step’ for many people this is easier said than done and can sometimes feel more stressful than the benefits getting up and doing well meaning tasks will bring.

So it is important for you to test and try what works for you. Go through the areas in this blog and ask yourself if there are any areas you could improve…eating or using your phone at night for example. As with anything this will take practice… set your intention, write your findings in a journal each morning and see what comes up for you!