Gain instant access to a full range of practical life skill courses. Covering many areas including as emotional intelligence, social communication and powerful strategies to achieving the goals you want to achieve! 

"These courses are effective and hone in on key principles"

Paul draws together his expertise and experience to create these engaging and meaningful tools. It is clear to see that he has a powerful message to share. The courses are effective hone in on the key principles that we as social creatures need to work on to ensure we present our most relatable selves in our daily relationships."
Joanne Watson
Ghost Writer

Do you ever find it a struggle to attend classes or 1 to 1 sessions at set times due to a busy life or time restrictions…but you still want to learn?

The membership will bring you powerful and practical training on all areas of self reflection, social psychology and achievement strategies and all is accessible 24/7 when you want to learn!

Imagine the time you will save and the speed in which you can learn when a full comprehensive training portal is there at your fingertips. 
An entire library of personal growth when you need it the most!

"Not just theory...It's practical life skills"

Knowing ‘stuff’ is pointless…unless you apply it…here we cover ‘how’ to apply it

The challenge most people face...

You have a goal aim or outcome and no matter how hard you try you keep procrastinating?

You want to get your mindset into the right place but it keeps defaulting back to self doubt?

After reading 100's of books/ attended courses yet the information is not getting you results

Have made some progress but have hit a sticking point where 'writing your goals' is not enough!

The information that you keep hearing sounds a good theory but does not explain 'how' it works?

What causes the challenge...

Coaches who promises amazing results but deliver very little in the courses..

Coaches and trainers who keep selling upsell after upsell with 'high ticket' prices

The unstructured system where each 'style' claims to be the one stop shop for results

The continual just think positive' type training that never creates long term benefits

The drawn out process where the therapist or trainer is still dealing with their own trauma

To get results we need to know how the mind works not just how to reframe how it is thinking

Training for all areas of life

In order to get results, we need to know how things work AND how all the areas work together! 
All of the courses and training is split into 3 categories. 

Know yourself: The user guide of your own mind and have to get back in the drivers seat! 
Know others: How to enjoy fulfilling relationship and also how to protect from emotional manipulations! 
Know strategy: The effective way to get from point A to point B with your goals, aims and outcomes!

Example topics...

Example topics...

Example topics...

Lead Trainer & Founder

Paul Ryder

“It has always been my dream to bring together like minds who are ready to get out there and put practical training into action to live a full life!”

My “Why”

The Challenge
Over the years I have heard many people share their experience of being told the same old information of think positive or told to trust the process without ever being told what the process is. 
Even more unfortunately where people have had private therpay or gone on workshops and gained ZERO result for their time or money invested.

The Aim
Given that I myself turned to some therapists and trainers who offered very poor quality training, I wholly empathise anybody in the same boat. 

I have dedicated over 30 of my life after working through my own challenges and now offer that training to as many people as possible in the aim to bring a practical and real life style to get people results. 

"No secrets are kept back he really wants you to learn and be your best"

Paul is just one of those gentlemen you want to know. He is genuine, cares, gives totally of himself, is honest and has massive integrity. Then he starts to give you in his training courses all the knowledge he has gathered without reserve. No secrets are kept back he really wants you to learn and be your best. Thinking of meeting him, do it! Thinking of joining a course, do it! you will not regret it.
Jeremy Cobb
Tax Claims Ltd Co Research and Development

5 ways the membership can help you reach your aims


Whether its 4pm or 4am...the courses are ready when you are. Log on and study till your done!


The courses cover 3 main areas, know yourself, know others and know strategy. Covering all your needs!


Each month optional member challenges are launched relating to individual course or general life!


The training is not just 'theory'. Each course offers suggestion and progression planners for you to test!


All courses have full video training with live examples of how techniques can be practiced!

Paul is one of the most passionate and dedicated trainers I've ever met! I love how all of Paul's training techniques are very practical and you can immediately see the results and benefits. Paul gets real results that you can quantify, like increased focus, motivation and productivity. Every workplace would benefit from his courses and training. Highly recommend!
Jennifer Forrest
Language Trainer
Paul is an inspirational, creative and highly skilled teacher who clearly knows his stuff. Paul's integrity and authenticity shone through and was key to the success of his approach. I'd highly recommend the courses and Paul to anyone.
Steve Rouse
Principle Learning Secialist

What could you achieve?

Build your toolkit and results…

Start today!

The 3 main categories - A deeper look


Were you ever taught about your own mind and how it creates the world in which you live? 

Or what about trauma, shame, ego defence mechanisms or coping strategies and how they project themselves on to the world in which you live? The truth is…very few are!

The mind is a mathematical equation, however when the emotions of anxiety and or trauma get involved it becomes extremely complex. This category will rationalise the irrational!


In school we can learn history, trigonometry and calculus, but what about how to negotiate, how to express our boundaries, how to fall in love, how to recognise emotional games or manipulations? Yet we are expected to just ‘know this’ and live harmoniously.

How to protect ourselves against emotional games so we can have fulfilling relationships is a lot less complex than it appears, that it as long as we know ‘how’ to communicate! 


Getting from A to B is not quite as straight forward when the mind and the emotions are in play. It would be easy if we were robots and  could just process in sequential order…but we are not robots! We are emotional beings with several perspectives constantly debating.

Knowing the strategy is the effective way to ensure our emotions do not hold us back while we go for the lifestyle we want. It is all possible as long as we…plan ahead!

"Triple your motivation and focus by gaining pure clarity on your direction in life"

…In less than 20 minutes you can cut through the noise of your mind and gain clarity of direction! This technique will open up powerful motivation and confidence showing you “what you really want” in your heart and life!

Who is this for?

You are somebody who wants to reach an outcome and you want highly practical training!

You are somebody who is prepared to take dedicated action to get what it is you want in life!

You are somebody who will make yourself a priority so you can live the life you want to live!

You are somebody who takes responsibility for your outcomes and does not make excuses!

You are somebody who is not willing to accept 'you get what your given' attitude and wants more!

You are somebody who will stay focused through challenges until you reach your outcome!

Example training modules (click to watch videos below)


Your questions answered.  For any others, get in touch…

Each course is information based and then progresses with real life examples. 

However there is no expectation to take direct action until it feels right or is suitable for your particular situation. 

Sometimes learning and research is the most effective path. 

For others who feel ready…the steps can be applied and tested as they choose.

The membership provides access to online courses and the members forum. 

All questions are covered in the FAQ’s or the forum discussion boards. 

If direct 1 to 1 sessions are required after going through courses, enquiries can be made directly on the main website.  

All courses are instant access and always will be.

The only exception to this is if there is a weekly or monthly challenge for members where it would be more effective to have information drip fed.

Weekly or monthly challenges are a bonus to the courses and purely optional.

There will be at least one new course added per month that you will get instant access to within you membership.

There may also be live Q&A, webinars and weekly or monthly challenges also included. 

Currently there is no trial offer (unless one is offered at the time) 

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. 

If you do not want to remain a member simply get in touch within 30 days and request a full refund.
No questions asked!

You can upgrade to annual membership any time.

Our system will automatically take into account the time left on your current subscription, so you’ll never be double charged either.

If you cancel a membership subscription, you will not be able to access the membership. It is recommended to only cancel as close to your next payment date as possible so you can still gain full access. 

If a cancellation is made within the first 30 day and a refund request is made, access will be restricted from the day of the refund. 

Instant access to all this...

Your time is so precious! If you have a goal, aim or outcome it is essential to start learning how to move towards it as soon as possible. 

The new Year’s Resolution Syndrome is a phrase I created when I was a personal trainer to explain the multitude of people who say what they are going to do but never take action on it…They talk in January…and regret not taking action in June…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Month by month subscription
£ 8
  • Instant access to all courses
  • Practical time tested methods
  • Monthly member challenges

*Special Offer* - Annual

Normally £89 - (Limited time £49)
£ 49 Discount Annually
  • Instant access to all courses
  • Practical time tested methods
  • Monthly member challenges

Do not wish tomorrow that you had started today

If you always do what you have always done…
You will always get what you have always got! 

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